The FIA GT3 European Championship is reserved for private teams and non-professional drivers, as defined by Article 38 c) of the Sporting Regulations.

In order to access eligibility, each driver must fill in the inscription form; it will be submitted to the FIA.

I the undersigned, being aware of the conditions laid down in Article 38 of the sporting regulations of the FIA GT3 European Championship defining the drivers' eligibility, and that this document will be studied by the FIA, which will then deliberate concerning the definition set out in Article 38 c) regarding the categorisation of the drivers, confirm that the driver records listed below are accurate and complete.

I am aware that these driver records will be published and distributed to all teams and drivers entered in the 2012 FIA GT3 European Championship.

I understand that failure to give correct information wiil result in the imposition of a sanction by the FIA.

NB: Please give full career details, including the type of licence held and the overall position in each series contested.

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